The TSI Certification

Learn to use an emotionally intelligent trust assessment to transform teams, and grow your profits.

Whether you are scaling your business, turning your culture into a competitive advantage, growing your profits, or making a profound change in your relationships, the Trust Style Inventory Certification is exactly what you need!

The way we trust has a deep effect on our quality of life and success. It allows us to connect empathetically and build meaningful relationships. The Trust Style Inventory (TSI) is a trust measurement tool powered by the Six Seconds, validated SEI instrument and Organizational Soul’s IFB methodology. Because trust is at the heart of engagement, culture and results it can be transformative when present. Here is why the TSI is needed more now than ever:

53% of U.S. workers are still “NOT ENGAGED” at work, meaning they may be generally satisfied by their work, yet fail to be emotionally and cognitively connected to their work and company. ~ Gallup

49% of employees would be willing to take a lower paying job for a BETTER CULTURE. ~Grant Thornton & Oxford Economics

62% of variation in KPIs Related to Productivity, Retention, Customer Focus, & Future Success is PREDICTED BY TRUST.~ Six Seconds.

The TSI offers an exciting feature that other trust psychometrics don’t: It is an emotionally intelligent instrument designed to provide respondents with a sense of safety about receiving their results because no trust style is better than another. This helps organizations obtain reliable information they can use to make sustainable change.

About the TSI Certification

The Trust Style Inventory Certification provides you with the knowledge and access you need to administer the Trust Style Inventory and use support those results to support individual and team transformation. The certification is based on Interconnectivity, Flow, and Balance℠ methodology and has two components: To start with, company leaders and independent practitioners will learn to address their personal trust gaps before they support others on a similar quest. Secondly, the certification equips trust facilitators with a license to use powerful trust building tools that help employees and clients with creating trust building strategies for important relationships in professional networks, teams, and families.

When it comes to talent development, you can use the TSI Certification to:

  • measure trust styles and support clients and coworkers with recalibrating how they trust;
  • address engagement, diversity equity and inclusion, conflict, and cultural challenges.
  • enhance your toolkit as a coach, mentor or consultant; and
  • help leaders strengthen their credibility, effectiveness and influence.

Who Can Benefit: The Trust Style Inventory Certification is a great fit for Managers, HR and Organizational Development professionals, Coaches, Mentors, Consultants and Therapists interested in facilitating improved trust in organizations, groups, teams, and even families!

If you have questions about the TSI Certification you can Contact Us at:

As a consultant and cultural change advisor, award winning author, speaker, and one of the top 88 Thought Leaders in Trust recognized by Trust Across America, Trust Around the World, Yvette Bethel understands the people side of organizations. She supports organizational leaders, coaches, trainers and change facilitators with resolving strategic talent issues, addresses organizational design challenges, and builds constructive cultures.

Yvette is a Fulbright Scholar who brings more than 30 years of corporate, government and non-profit experience, to her clients. She is currently a preferred partner with Six Seconds, the largest global emotional intelligence organization. Her insights, ability to connect the dots, and willingness to be authentic in difficult conversations, bring lasting value to her clients.

Her book, "Interconnectivity, Flow and Balance" Introduces the IFB℠ Model providing fresh perspectives on persistent organizational challenges like trust. Her insights shift paradigms so leaders can stretch their organizations past perceived limits.

Yvette is the author of multiple award-winning books: “Interconnectivity, Flow, and Balance”, “E.Q. Librium”, and “Getting to E.Q. Librium” Activity Book. As a conference speaker, Yvette has more than ten years experience presenting at professional conferences. Her speaking engagements include the Nexus EQ Conference at Harvard Medical School, and the Leaders Worth Following Conference at Wellesley College. 

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Success Stories

  • Melissa Landry

    It helped me understand the complexities of trust

    "Trust is at the heart of every truly high-performing team. Being able to offer the Trust Style Inventory as part of facilitating trust helps me build a solid foundation for my clients and their teams. The Trust Style Inventory Certification has given me a deeper understanding of the complexity of trust and a practical tool to aid in its facilitation. If relationships or performance are an important component in your work, I strongly recommend you consider the Trust Style Inventory!"

  • Tanya Hanna

    Thank you for a most enjoyable learning experience

    "I have never had so much fun learning. The selection of videos was most engaging yet simple and light. My brain did not feel tired. I felt I wanted to go on and on. Also the format felt like a triathlon in a very good way because it kept my attention as it took me on an learning adventure."

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