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New Quest

Strengthening Your Pillar of Trust

  • Coaching By Yvette

  • Community Support

  • 9 Levels

Why Strengthen Your Pillar of Trust

The quality of your life and career are directly affected by how you trust and how people trust you. Your credibility, brand, influence, and potential for personal and professional progression are all affected by how you trust and build connections. Your Pillar of Trust is made up of integrity, emotional mastery and your "we" disposition. With your PILLAR of TRUST as the foundation of your relationships, you can enhance your leadership skills, build your brand, and strengthen your influence, engagement, and performance.

Strengthening Your Pillar of Trust (Online Course) has 8 levels comprised of 21 engaging missions designed to:

·    Explain the true nature of trust

·    Introduce you to the Pillar of Trust

·    Help you explore your trust style

·    Break through your barriers to trust

·    Help you develop a personalized trust strengthening strategy

Strengthening Your Pillar of Trust is based on the IFB℠ methodology introduced in the Amazon Best Selling, Multiple Award Winning book, Interconnectivity, Flow, and Balance."

Who can benefit:    Anyone 18 and over

Time:         You determine when you begin

Where:       Online Self-Study/Blended learning

Here is what learners are saying about this transformational course:

“Strengthening Your Pillar of Trust made me take a deep look at myself and how I trust. I know I never used to trust readily so it helped me understand why, and how I could transform how I trust, safely.”

“The videos and readings weren’t boring, or too long, rather they were exciting and provided an “aha” moment each time.”

“Before I finished the course I noticed a shift in myself, and the habit building challenge kept the momentum going.”

“Before completing this course I was prone to saying something inappropriate, resulting in damaging already bruised relationships. The course helped me navigate my emotions so I could get my point across without being offensive.”

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New Quest

The TSI Certification

  • Coaching By Yvette

  • Community Support

  • 6 Levels

Whether you are scaling your business, turning your culture into a competitive advantage, growing your profits, or making a profound change in your relationships, the Trust Style Inventory Certification is exactly what you need!

The way we trust has a deep effect on our quality of life and success. It allows us to connect empathetically and build meaningful relationships. The Trust Style Inventory (TSI) is a trust measurement tool powered by the Six Seconds, validated SEI instrument and Organizational Soul’s IFB methodology. Because trust is at the heart of engagement, culture and results it can be transformative when present. Here is why the TSI is needed more now than ever:

53% of U.S. workers are still “NOT ENGAGED” at work, meaning they may be generally satisfied by their work, yet fail to be emotionally and cognitively connected to their work and company. ~ Gallup

49% of employees would be willing to take a lower paying job for a BETTER CULTURE. ~Grant Thornton & Oxford Economics

62% of variation in KPIs Related to Productivity, Retention, Customer Focus, & Future Success is PREDICTED BY TRUST.~ Six Seconds.

The TSI offers an exciting feature that other trust psychometrics don’t: It is an emotionally intelligent instrument designed to provide respondents with a sense of safety about receiving their results because no trust style is better than another. This helps organizations obtain reliable information they can use to make sustainable change.

About the TSI Certification

The Trust Style Inventory Certification provides you with the knowledge and access you need to administer the Trust Style Inventory and use support those results to support individual and team transformation. The certification is based on Interconnectivity, Flow, and Balance℠ methodology and has two components: To start with, company leaders and independent practitioners will learn to address their personal trust gaps before they support others on a similar quest. Secondly, the certification equips trust facilitators with a license to use powerful trust building tools that help employees and clients with creating trust building strategies for important relationships in professional networks, teams, and families.

When it comes to talent development, you can use the TSI Certification to:

  • measure trust styles and support clients and coworkers with recalibrating how they trust;
  • address engagement, diversity equity and inclusion, conflict, and cultural challenges.
  • enhance your toolkit as a coach, mentor or consultant; and
  • help leaders strengthen their credibility, effectiveness and influence.

Who Can Benefit: The Trust Style Inventory Certification is a great fit for Managers, HR and Organizational Development professionals, Coaches, Mentors, Consultants and Therapists interested in facilitating improved trust in organizations, groups, teams, and even families!

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